"His lessons have improved my son's understanding and playing the guitar  in less than a year. Thank you!"

Tom Locacsio - parent of student

​"He's open to teaching many genres of music. His theory knowledge and lessons are applicable to any instrument and you'll remember them forever."

​Lily Kaufman - former student and graduate of Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University

Gaurav is the founder of All In Music. He teaches private guitar lessons at the student's home in Nashville, TN. His goal is to teach students life lessons through music education. All In Music offers 30, 60 or 90 minute lessons and have many different lesson packages to choose from. Gaurav only accepts a limited number of students so that he can give his full attention and energy to each student and this ensures a much higher success rate for the students. Please visit ALLINMUSICLESSSONS.COM for more info or to enroll.

Gaurav Bali

"Gaurav is an awesome teacher and relatable to kids. My daughter had a great time learning guitar from him and his methods work out great. I'd highly recommend Gaurav for anyone that loves music!!!"

Deepak Mathur - parent of student

"An amazing teacher....He teaches the perfect amount of theory and then how to apply it to practical playing. Just about any son is in reach"

Sowser Wojokh - Student since 2011